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2 Sign Combination - CURB, PORCH, and MAILBOX compatible

2 Sign Combination - CURB, PORCH, and MAILBOX compatible

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Two DOT Certified 911 Address 4.5" x 10" Signs

* Lifetime Guarantee.

* Visible from 150 yards away at night.

* Twice as reflective as the average stop sign.

* UV Resistant.

* Graffiti Resistant.

* Converts invisible light into visible light.

* Installation takes less than 5 minutes.  Installation video attached below.

**We include everything you need to install: signs, adhesive, & Support tape.

The technical specs of each sign include treated aluminum, 3M DG3 Diamond Grade Reflective (highest rated reflective available and same material required by DOT for Freeway signs), Digital Printed Numbers, 3M 1160i UV and Graffiti resistant overlay on top, and epoxy / adhesive blend to bond the sign to the curb.

Our DOT Certified 911 Address Signs meet the specifications set by the majority of townships and municipalities across the US including the National Fire Prevention Associations NFPA Fire Code 2018 guidelines.
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